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The studies conducted by the EASC e.V., which are funded by parties including the EU and the German government, make it possible to identify security vulnerabilities more quickly. This, in turn, allows suitable technologies to be developed and deployed specifically where they are needed.

How will passengers travel safely by plane in the future? Can the hazard-free transportation of airfreight be guaranteed in coming years? Which training concepts do security service providers need? What impact do specific security measures have on society? In order to answer these and other questions concerning aviation security, the EASC e. V.

Provides test fields
Models threat scenarios and
Develops modules for vocational education and training

The concerns of all stakeholders - including passengers, airports, airlines, authorities, security service providers and industry associations - are taken into account during this process. In this way, our research and communication platform supports consensus-building processes at both the national and European level.


Safe Travellers

Secure and Frictionless Identity for EU and Third Country National Citizens

SafeTravellers – Secure and Frictionless Identity for EU and Third Country National Citizens (HORIZON EUROPE Grant Agreement 101121269) is an Innovation Action aims to bolster border security and provide tools to combat identity fraud. Its approach involves multi-biometric identification, enhancing current verification methods while ensuring GDPR compliance and protecting citizen privacy. The project started in January 2024 results from the Call HORIZON-CL3-2022-BM-01-02, is supported by EU-funding of EUR 6,081,079.21 and involves 23 partners. EASC contributes to definition of requirements and use case scenarios, a proof-of-concept validation at Schönhagen Airport, and by elaboration of training curricula for Border Authorities and Law Enforcement Agencies. Furthermore, EASC leads drawing of recommendations for national and EU-policies and regulations.

SafeTravellers value proposition aims at strengthening the security at the borders, improving the productivity of the Border Authorities and LEAs by providing them with the appropriate tools to combat identity fraud at the hardware, identity and travel document, and biometrics level, while offering a frictionless border crossing experience for EU/TCN citizens as they will not have to stop at the border checkpoints.


Advanced technologies for bomb-proof cargo containers and blast containment units for the retrofitting of passenger airplanes.

The goal of the project is to develop innovative solutions based on novel lightweight materials and structural concepts for the mitigation of the effects of an on-board blast and improve aircraft survivability.


Optimizing time-to-FLY and enhancing airport SECurity

FLYSEC is an ambitious Research and Innovation project that aims to develop and demonstrate an innovative, integrated, end-to-end airport security process for passengers, airports and airlines.

An Intelligent System Architecture

For Multi-Camera Human Tracking at Airports

This architecture is developed to support the human operator and enables a multi-camera tracking of suspicious people in case of an alert.

Intelligent Support of Video Surveillance At Airports

This security research project is being tested and implemented at two reference airports

It aims to develop an intelligent system that supports the human operator in analyzing video data in order to track and search for suspicious people in the case of an alert.