As a neutral research partner for projects in the field of air safety and security, we are advancing the topics of secure and sustainable aviation and developing innovative security concepts and solutions to establish confidence across Europe.

Changing mobility requirements and new technologies, such as unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and drones, represent great challenges for aviation. Safe and secure aviation is also extremely important for the economy and for society as a whole in Germany and Europe. The European Aviation Security Center e.V. (EASC e.V.) initiates, researches, moderates and analyses important independent research and development projects for sustainable aviation security in European and international aviation.


EASC e.V. is a non-profit organisation that was founded in May 2008. It works together with companies, research institutes, universities and public authorities with the following objectives:

› To establish and moderate research and development projects (R&D projects) concerning secure aviation and to analyse the risks and opportunities for new procedures
› To develop and configure training concepts for security personnel
› To provide a neutral communication platform for everyone involved in aviation security
› To establish a research and validation center at Schönhagen Airport (near Berlin), specialising in aviation security

Through these activities, participating partners can strengthen their position at the European level and can participate in innovative civil security research.


The interdisciplinary team puts its professional expertise and many years of research and project management experience into its work in sustainable projects for aviation security.
Julia Gonschorek
Chair of the board and Researcher
Prof. Dr. Arno Fischer
Member of the board
Rico Kelz
Member of the board and Researcher
Dr. Wolfgang Rehak
Member of the board
Dr. Tiziana Romelli
Project Manager
Dr. Uwe Weigmann
Member of the board/Treasurer and Researcher
Henrike Fabienke
Research and Project assistance
Virginia Techen
Research and Project assistance


Our members play an active role in ensuring that aviation processes run smoothly between the interest groups.


Help shape the research topics

The EASC e.V. works to advance relevant research topics, collaborating with research partners to develop innovative security strategies.

Members have the opportunity to suggest topics, to take part in studies and to use our neutral platform to hold discussions, conferences, workshops and networking events.

Our research focuses on
the security-relevant aspects of:
1. Commercial aviation
2. General aviation
3. Unmanned aviation


Utilise the research findings

The members-only area on this website provides members with exclusive access to the latest research findings, archived documents and internal decision-making processes.