The EASC is the independent research center for aviation security in Europe. It

  • acts as a think tank and examines, moderates and evaluates social and economic effects of innovative technologies in air traffic security and related areas,
  • provides test-bed environments for developers and operators of security technologies and simulates threat scenarios,
  • supports the development of corresponding training modules.

The involved partners position themselves in a European context and actively accompany the strong progression of the security industries.

EASC moderates and participates in decision-making processes on a national and European level, offering its consultancy and consensus-building capabilities.

By virtue of its R&D activities, EASC helps to harmonize security procedures in commercial aviation between the stakeholders involved.

Other activities/tasks are:

  • Dissemination of information on new research results,
  • analyses and evaluations of risks and opportunities resulting from new technologies and procedures,
  • exchange of information with experts and institutions in Germany and abroad as well as participation in Networking, conferences, symposia, workshops and training activities.
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