Activities - 2018

15.11.2018 MIDRAS milestone meeting at the law firm BBH in Berlin
01.11.2018 MIDRASMeasurement campaign at OptoPrecision in Bremen
22.10.2018 future days Smart Buildings @ Internet of Things, lecture on: „Planning new security measures with the 4D tool (security, efficiency, trust and justice)“
10.10.2018 Lecture within the framework of the police bachelor's programme on "Drones - Challenges for the Police" at the Police College of the State of Saxony (Rothenburg OL)
01.10.2018 Consortium meeting 4D-Sicherheit
24.-25.09.2018 ArGUS Milestone Meeting at the Fraunhofer-IOSB in Karlsruhe
19.-20.09.2018 MIDRAS System Test at OptoPrecision in Bremen
13.09.2018 FLYSEC Final Review Meeting at the EU Commission in Brussels
10.-11.09.2018 ArGUS Drone Test in the Benteler Arena in Paderborn
14.-15.08.2018 ArGUS Drone Test in the Volksparkstadion in Hamburg
07.08.2018 In the context of the LKA high-level personnel seminar, lecture on: "the drone use and drone abuse" at the university of the police of the country Saxonia, Rothenburg OL
04.-06.07.2018 AGIT Conference at the University of Salzburg, lecture on: "Abusive Operation of Drones-A new Challenge for safety and security"
28.06.2018 FLYSEC Final Info Day and Cluster Meeting for Border Security Projects, Brussels
19.-20.06.2018 Civil Security Innovation Forum 2018 in Berlin
07.06.2018 Innovation Day for SMEs of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy 2018 in Berlin
07.06.2018 MIDRAS Workshop "Interface" at the University of Applied Science Brandenburg
07.06.2018 11th advanced training seminar for electrothermography of the VdS, lecture on: "Use of drones: Law and technology"
04.06-.05.06.2018 Innovation Forum "Autonomous mobile services; services for mobility" in Berlin
30.05.2018 1st Expert Workshop "Civil Safety & Security - Drone Abuse" (Project ArGUS) at EASC in Schönhagen
23.05.2018 General Meeting of the European Aviation Security Center at Schönhagen Airfield
02.05.2018 ASW-Federal Association: Competence Center "Education & Training" at BASF in Berlin
27.04.2018 BDLI, Bitkom and EASC – Conference at the ILA: Cyber Security in Aerospace, Berlin
26.-27.04.2018 Conference "Terrorismus" of the Saxon Police College, lecture on: "Drone missuse as a new challenge for security forces: Analysis of sensitivity and training needs"
25.04.2018 EASC – Conference at the ILA: PNR and the risk based approach to aviation security, Berlin
12.04.2018 MIDRAS Workshop "Simulation and HMI" in Fürstenfeldbruck
15.03.2018 Milestone Meeting 4D-Sicherheit in Cologne
14.03.2018 User Conference 4D-Sicherheit in Cologne
14.03.2018 1st MIDRAS state of affairs meeting in Berlin
12.03.2018 VML Cluster-Conference in Berlin
08.-09.03.2018 BDSL / BPol 10th LuSiTa in Potsdam
08.03.2018 Unmanned Technologies & Security (U.T.SEC), lecture on: "Challenge of UAV misuse: Training needs of security personnel"
07.03.2018 Dronemasters MeetUp by Amazon Berlin
05.03.2018 IGRS Dresden, lecture on: "Prevention of drone-Induced Hazards: Need of Professional Training in the Challenging Field between Technical Opportunities and Legal Frameworks for Civil Security Purposes"
01.-02.03.2018 ADV Meeting of the aviation security authorities, lecture on: "Visions for future-oriented aviation security"
19.-22.02.2018 Proof of Concept FlySec at the airport Luxembourg
14.-15.02.2018 Consortium meeting ArGUS at the Airport Schönhagen
19.01.2018 RotorDrone Forum UAV DACH, lecture on: "Threat to UAS Operation - Cyber Attacks and Defenses"