Activities - 2018

02.05.2018 ASW Competence Center Training and Further Education
27.04.2018 BDLI, Bitkom and EASC – Conference at the ILA: Cyber Security in Aerospace, Berlin
26.-27.04.2018 Conference "Terrorismus" of the Saxon Police College, lecture on: "Drone missuse as a new challenge for security forces: Analysis of sensitivity and training needs"
25.04.2018 EASC – Conference at the ILA: PNR and the risk based approach to aviation security, Berlin
12.04.2018 MIDRAS Workshop "Simulation and HMI" in Fürstenfeldbruck
14.03.2018 1st MIDRAS state of affairs meeting in Berlin
12.03.2018 VML Cluster-Conference in Berlin
08.-09.03.2018 BDSL / BPol 10th LuSiTa in Potsdam
08.03.2018 Unmanned Technologies & Security (U.T.SEC), lecture on: "Challenge of UAV misuse: Training needs of security personnel"
05.03.2018 IGRS Dresden, lecture on: "Prevention of drone-Induced Hazards: Need of Professional Training in the Challenging Field between Technical Opportunities and Legal Frameworks for Civil Security Purposes"
01.-02.03.2018 ADV Meeting of the aviation security authorities, lecture on: "Visions for future-oriented aviation security"
19.-22.02.2018 Proof of Concept FlySec at the airport Luxembourg
14.-15.02.2018 Consortium meeting ArGUS at the Airport Schönhagen