Activities - 2015

09.12.2015 Photonik – Funding opportunities in the new work program of HORIZON 2020, information event Network Enterprice, lecture on: "Tips for Applicants in the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation HORIZON 2020", Berlin
04.12.2015 BIGS Capacity-Building Workshop on the subject of: "Risk-based Border Management: New Methods for EU Border Facilitation and Security", Berlin
01.-04.12.2015 Fair C5ISR SUMMIT, Charleston, USA
30.11.2015 Promote Day HORIZONT 2020, Potsdam
17.-18.11.2015 Berlin Security Conference, Berlin
16.-17.11.2015 FLYSEC – Project meeting, Athen
12.11.2015 German Safety Day 2015 "Economic Protection today: Scenarios, Solutions, Trends", Berlin
03.-04.11.2015 Presentation on Conference Airport Security "Opportunities and limitations against terrorism at airports", Hanau - Steinheim
13.10.2015 Conference Competence-Center „Economic Protection“ of ASW federal association, Frankfurt
08.10.2015 Advisory Board Meeting of the Association for Security Technology, Berlin
05.-09.10.2015 Inter Airport Europe, Munich / Conference Smart Airports, Presentation on the topic: Airport Security – Responding to the Challange – The ballancing Act
28.-29.09.2015 11th European Civil Protection Congress, lecture on: Security solutions in the aircraft and from the aircraft, Berlin
23.-24.09.2015 FLY-Bag2 Final Conference, Brussels
18.-19.09.2015 UASympEx2015, Presentation on the topic: Protection against misuse of drones by detecting and defence, Hamburg
15.-17.09.2015 Participation in 10th Future Security Conference, Berlin
15.09.2015 11th Aerospace Day, Berlin-Brandenburg
14.09.2015 "Geomonday", ZAB, Cluster IKT, Media and creative industries, Potsdam
11.09.2015 Workshop "FLY-BAG2 - From research into practice", Berlin
22.-24.07.2015 FLY-BAG2 Open Air Blast Tests Series 2, Cotswold (UK)
10.-11.06.2015 FLYSEC Kick-off Conference, Athens
01.-05.06.2015 2015 IAEA International Conference on Computer Security in a Nuclear World, Vienna
01.-02.06.2015 Forum Unmanned vehicles V: Presentation: The challenges of real autonomy, Bonn
07.05.2015 16th Security Business Day, Europa-University Viadrina in Frankfurt/O.
15.-17.04.2015 FLY-BAG2 Exhibitor at the Europoltech Fair 2015, Warschau
15.-16.04.2015 Airport Forum 2015 in Munich
14.-15.04.2015 RPAS-Conference UAVDACH as part of the AERO Friedrichshafen 2015; Presentation: Detection of & Protection against RPAS / Schutz u. Detektion gegen Ausspähung und Schmuggel
25.03.2015 Fraunhofer Focus, Digital radio BOS - configure predictive, long-term and safely, Berlin
16.-20.03.2015 CeBIT, Hannover
25.-26.02.2015 Workshop on topic surveillance: The importance of technological innovations and their social impact, Fraunhofer FOKUS, Berlin
25.-26.02.2015 7th Aviation Security Congress, Potsdam
24.-25.02.2015 18th European Police Congress, Berlin
23.02.2015 AK Civil Security; Presentation: Challenge to the Information and Communication Security in civilian use of UAS, Berlin
02.-04.02.2015 TusExpo, Den Haag "The Unmanned Systems Conference"
04.02.2015 9th Berlin security talks, Berlin
22.01.2015 9th Security Forum - Me & KYOP - my electronic self - University of Applied Sciences Brandenburg
20.01.2015 BDL - Forum, Financing of Aviation, Berlin